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Leadership in Context Episode 146 Show Notes

Daily Questions to Ask, pt1

Leadership in Context with Keith Tucci

Episode 146

You can understand someone more by the questions they ask than the answers they have. Here are some great questions to ask yourself each day.


What is my priority? What am I single-focused on today? What does that look like today? Don’t ask a generic what does that look like for my life or for this year? Ask about today.

Priorities (plural) is an oxymoron. Technically, you can’t have more than one priority. Out of your priority, there are different goals you can have.

The best organizations have leaders who are easy to follow. The easiest kind of leaders to follow are those who keep the main thing the main thing and communicate what their priority (or purpose) is for that day.


Delegation should be something we do on purpose and not just out of necessity. Delegation is necessary for greater health to any organization or task, because if you don’t delegate you can only operate in the sphere of your own gifting, talent, strength, and energy. When you do delegate, you are able to multiply.

Delegation is front-end loaded. You have to sit down with people, give them clear direction, and develop a reporting system so you are kept in the loop on what is going on. You can’t create time, but when you delegate, that is the closest thing to it because you multiply time by getting more hands on the plow.

Delegation develops talent. Delegation tests people’s giftings. Delegation helps people to stretch themselves. Delegation helps you find out who is really on your team.


Take time to be introspective. On the front end, ask yourself what you would like to learn. Often, we want to just get things done. But if we can pause and ask that question, it causes us to not just tolerate situations, but enjoy them.

Make sure you learn something every day. I read every day. I read the Bible every day. I read other resources every day. I read some history every day. I learn something every day. I want to keep my mind as sharp as I possibly can.


In any kind of ministry, you are obviously helping people. Technically, in business you should be helping people. In your family, you are helping people. That is the end result, the collateral blessing. This is a little more proactive, assertive. Look around and see who you can intentionally help.

That balances out the question of “What can I do?” “Who can I help?” is probably the saving measure for us steamroller-type people who just want to get it done, knock it out, get it over with. There is nothing wrong with that; it’s just not pleasant if that is the only dimension you think in. You lose track of why you are doing what you are doing and the people you are benefitting. Anything that is worth doing should have a direct correlation to benefitting someone else’s life.

These are great daily questions:

1. What is my priority today?

2. What can I delegate today?

3. What can be learned today?

4. Who can I help today?

Next week, I’ll give you a few more. This is great stuff to teach your team as a culture that you want developed.

Join us next week as Keith Tucci continues to put leadership truth in the context of the local church. And as always, please like, share, rate/review, and invite others to listen. See you next week!

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