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Image by Scott Graham

The 10/90 INITIATIVE is focused on encouraging the 100% use of finances according to God’s Word. Many believers have concluded that their financial stewardship consists of only giving God 10%--mostly because church leaders tend to talk almost exclusively about that 10%. This belief could not be more wrong! The practice of giving God 10% of our income is a critically important step of Christian discipleship. However, it’s not the whole story! The fact that instructing disciples in the godly use of “the forgotten 90%” is done so infrequently that it begs a new dialogue on finances. 


Teaching on financial stewardship is saturated throughout the Bible. God’s Word speaks to 100% of our finances. Today, many believers have the same financial mentality and understanding as unbelievers. This must change if God is going to entrust more to us. The fact that most stewardship teachings and theology are primarily limited to only 10% of our blessings means we are missing out on 90% of our opportunities. God is certainly able to do a lot with 10%, and indeed He has. But doesn't God also want access to use 100% of the finances He has entrusted us with? The proper use of the forgotten 90% is critical to our lives, our businesses, our vocations, our educations, our families, and our local churches. With God’s wisdom in regard to our finances, we can more powerfully impact many things. 


This is the heart of the 10/90 INITIATIVE: not limiting our biblical understanding to the tithe, but rather embracing God’s purposes for the full 100%. Tithing is not the only Kingdom teaching in the scripture; investment, partnership, industry, and creativity are just as vital as the tithe and need to be rediscovered in the present-day church. Throughout history, God has used entrepreneurs and business owners--from Lydia, who was a seller of purple, to the Christian-owned businesses in our local communities, to the present-day Hobby Lobby, who use their resources to glorify God and influence others.


We must understand the Kingdom of God is not just established by being faithful in the tithe, but by applying God's principles and truth to the 100%! This is the 10/90 INITIATIVE. We will focus first on bringing biblical understanding of the forgotten 90% to the business owners and leaders who can translate and download this to their co-workers. The 10/90 INITIATIVE will bring together those who embrace the reality of 100% financial stewardship and will work to bring these truths and practices to others in the church. 

  1. Teach and encourage these truths; 

  2. Bring business owners and entrepreneurs together for creative synergy and anointing;

  3. Embrace the calling of business leaders and entrepreneurs as the gift to the church that they are;

  4. Help other godly businesses launch and be fruitful

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