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Penny Tucci's Book 



The Power of Transforming Relationships

by Penny Tucci

God has a place of profound influence for each of us. Penny Tucci shares her life with us in a way that is both vulnerable and challenging. She lets us in on the intimate details of a journey that is filled with painful obstacles and miraculous outcomes. She gives insight into the characteristics and qualities that open doors of influence in every relationship in our lives. 


Starting off as a young girl who struggled with a deep sense of insignificance, she learned that truly knowing God’s heart and vision for our lives not only brings great healing in our personal life, but radically impacts every relationship we have. This wife and mother of eight, who has served in various capacities of ministry and leadership over the last 40 years, helps us to: 

  • Learn what it means to live with a pure conscience. 

  • Discover how to live under God’s favor and smile. 

  • Realize that we can have strong, healthy, life-long relationships and friendships. 

  • Know that vulnerability and genuineness are both healthy and achievable. 

  • Choose to be free from all unforgiveness and judgments. 

  • Experience the joy of leading others by loving well. 

Through the captivating pages of Love, Leadership & Influence, you will not merely be encouraged, but empowered in your personal journey of life, transformation, and influencing others! 


About the Author: The theme of Penny’s life is “Beauty for Ashes.” Her message of the Father’s love and His redeeming power challenges people to put all of their hope in Him. Penny flows in God’s grace in a way that breaks walls down and helps people connect with God and others. Penny is married to Keith Tucci, the Apostolic Team Leader for the Network of Related Pastors. One of the greatest joys in her life is being mom to her eight beloved children and 14 grandchildren.


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