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Keith Tucci's Books 

Core Culture FrCover.jpg


by Keith Tucci

The culture you live by matters. The early church changed the face of the world with a radically different, yet impactful lifestyle. 2 Corinthians 8-9 are 39 verses that are powerfully directed toward a new core culture from the apostolic heart of Paul. This passage goes far beyond the financial needs in the Jerusalem Church. It encapsulates a cultural mandate that we now embrace, but honestly, often don’t understand. The Macedonian example is not merely a historical treasure, it is a lesson in leadership that is usually overlooked. Pastor Keith Tucci unpacks these scriptures, bringing a living dimension that will challenge you to look beyond mere money principles and absorb the core culture that caused the church to affect nations! These insights will help you and your church be enabled to establish a core culture to advance the kingdom of God, in you and through you, as never before!

The Seduction of Grace FrCover.jpg


by Keith Tucci

Grace is a power word in Christianity, not merely a doctrine or position of the believer. It is a spiritual substance, far more than a passive concept. It is unique to the Christian faith, when compared to other world religions. However, grace is not a stand-alone truth. It is consistent and intersects beautifully with the other foundational doctrines of biblical understanding. One of the presuppositions that has distorted grace is that it and the law are somehow opposed to one another. That predetermined thought has lead to a seduction of grace, that leaves grace unbiblical and ineffective! As you read this book, let the Holy Spirit help you discover the full power that grace has and let GRACE grasp you in a greater way.

God Who Intervenes FrCover.jpg


by Keith Tucci

Do you need God to Intervene in your life? Keith Tucci peels back his life and reveals how you can seek and find the intervention of God in tough times and in unsettling circumstances. Have you been there? Pastor Keith has, and invites you to discover how our Lord thrusts Himself into your circumstances, and will give divine insight into the breakthrough that you need. Impossible becomes possible. Crash becomes recovery. Broken is repaired better than new. Your tough circumstances are no match for the God who intervenes. From the streets of Pittsburgh, to influencing Christians and non-Christians around the world, Pastor Keith has experienced the intervention of God – and everything changed. And so can your situation! Dig in and discover how to position yourself for a God intervention that will change everything!

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