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Keith Tucci's Books 

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by Keith Tucci

The culture you live by matters. The early church changed the face of the world with a radically different, yet impactful lifestyle.


2 Corinthians 8-9 are 39 verses that are powerfully directed toward a new core culture from the apostolic heart of Paul. This passage goes far beyond the financial needs in the Jerusalem Church. It encapsulates a cultural mandate that we now embrace, but honestly, often don’t understand. The Macedonian example is not merely a historical treasure, it is a lesson in leadership that is usually overlooked. Pastor Keith Tucci unpacks these scriptures, bringing a living dimension that will challenge you to look beyond mere money principles and absorb the core culture that caused the church to affect nations! These insights will help you and your church be enabled to establish a core culture to advance the kingdom of God, in you and through you, as never before!


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