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Encouragement from Bro Rod Aguillard

The key to overcoming your flesh (i.e., the flaws and faults of your human nature) is to wait upon the Lord! The key to the supernatural is waiting upon the Lord. “…the soul that quietly waits upon the Lord, from Him comes my salvation…” Psalm 62:1

As you daily wait or commune with the Holy Spirit,

· Salvation keeps coming

· Forgiveness keeps coming

· Joy and peace keep coming

· Courage and conviction keep coming

· Provision keeps coming

· The love of God for others keeps coming

· The anointing to heal the broken-hearted keeps coming

· The gifts of the Spirit keep coming

I encourage you to give your first hour to the Lord every morning. It is the place of repentance and refreshing. Just like the dew refreshes the earth, the Lord desires to be your dew of refreshing in the morning. It is at the feet of Jesus that we receive grace to face the day and grace to do His will.

I love you and yours,

Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer

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