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Worship Encouragement-It's about the heart.

Aren’t you thankful that God takes what we give Him, no matter how small or awkward, and He is pleased by it and blesses it? He is so much more concerned about our heart than a perfectly flowing set. Yes, we want to play excellently for our Lord. He is the King of kings and Lord of lords, and He deserves our best. But sometimes our best on a particular week just isn’t that great on paper, but it works because we gave our best. Worship leading can’t just be something we do. It has to be something that comes out of those deep places in our hearts. Skillful playing, putting together sets that flow nicely, improving—that is all part of it, but it’s a small piece of a much larger puzzle. When we worship, we get to lead God’s people into Truth-filled precious moments of time. Where everything pauses and we are able to focus on all that really matters—our Abba Father. It’s easy to get busy with the “work” of worship leading. Take some moments to pause this week. Sit down and spend some time worshipping. Soak in the Truth of the words. Get them in you. And when they come out of you, the Truth and the power will shake the earth and change hearts.

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