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Worship Encouragement-Connecting Songs

One way to aid the flow of worship is to be mindful of how you connect your songs. We can sing good songs that make sense together, yet just move from song to song to song. But there is a beauty and a journey that takes place when you are able to connect those songs into a more continuous flow. You can use just a chorus or a bridge of one song to help connect two different songs. For example, try using the chorus of Rooftops to go from an up-tempo song to a mid-tempo song. Or start the next song with the chorus instead of at the top of the song. An example of this is with the song He Shall Reign Forevermore by Chris Tomlin—end out of chorus and go straight into the chorus of Only King Forever by Elevation. Then go to the top of Only King Forever and do the whole song. By starting with the chorus (in the same key), you bridge the gap from one song to the next. You connected the dots for the congregation.

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