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Worship Encouragement- Planning for 2019

When thinking and planning the new year, it’s wise to make sure the goals you have are SMART…specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-oriented. But let’s add a letter. Let’s have iSMART goals: INTENTIONAL. Everything we do has to have a purpose. Everything we do should move us towards the outcome we want. We can plan (and we need to plan), but we also need to act. There is a big difference between letting things happen and making things happen.

  • Think outside the box. How can we accomplish things that we thought we couldn’t do? You might be surprised by the ideas you come up with.

  • Plan so you can start right, but don’t get stuck in the planning stage. Get moving. The year will move much quicker than any of us would like.

  • Be intentional with everything that you do. If you want to add more practices, ask yourself “why.” If the answer is to be able to bond more as a team, make sure you are creating opportunities for that during your practices.

  • Make things happen. In the end, it might not look exactly how you pictured, but at least you will have movement.

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