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Monthly Prayer Focus--August

Several hundred people are in united prayer for revival and the survival of our nation. God rules through the united prayers of His people. A believer’s decree will be established. Here are three prophetic decrees for our agreement: Let’s release judgment in regards to the deep state and the Mueller hate team. It’s D-day for the deep state. Releasing justice! Corruption exposed and removed in Jesus’ name. They dig a deep pit to trap others, they will fall into it! The trouble they make for others backfires on them. Psalm 7:15-16 United prayer for President Trump Although they plot against you, their schemes will never succeed (the deep state with its globalist agenda). For they will turn and run when they see the Lord’s arrows aimed at them! Psalm 21:11-12 Protection and rest for our president It’s God’s time to stop evil and give rest to the president’s office and agenda. No one tried to make war against King Asa, for the Lord was giving him rest from his enemies. 2 Chronicles 14:6 Together we war, and together we win! Bro. Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

August Itinerary

August 3-5 Living Hope Church, Pennsylvania with Pastors Doug & Paula Allen August 14-16 Metro Harvest Church, Wisconsin with Pastors Mike & Michelle Frie August 19 The Father's House, Louisiana with Pastors Keith & Sarah Naquin August 21 Pastors' Round Table at LifeHouse Church in Reserve, Louisiana August 26 Pierre Part Christian Church, Louisiana with Pastors Gerald & Julie Daigle Please pray for Marvelous Mary and I. Pray for our strength and for the anointing to bring healing to the hurting, hope to the hopeless, and deliverance to the captive. Thank you!

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