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Prayer Focus--February


This is no time to lose our backbone or not to fight the good fight of faith. Listed are two prophetic decrees as we move forward.

1. 2021 is the year of God’s judgments & justice: “The Lord of Heaven’s Armies (the Host of Angels) says the Day of Judgment is coming, burning like a furnace on that day. The arrogant and the wicked will be burned up like straw (the Globalist, the Marxist and the Socialist, the Christ Haters).” Malachi 4:1

2. 2021 is the year of a divine reset: In the midst of judgment, the prophet cried out, “…revive your works and in wrath remember mercy…then God came and His Glory filled the Heavens and His praise filled the earth!” Habakkuk 3:1-4

2021—the glory of God in, and the darkness of anti-Christ out! Please agree and decree!


Rod Aguillard

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