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Kevin McFeathers

Youth Director at Living Hope Church, PA

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the NRP Youth Pastor & Leader Intensive at Faith Fellowship Church in Yadkinville, NC, recently. What a great experience! With my large family and lots of work to be done at home, there was no lack of excuses for me to skip this event and to just stay on cruise control with my life and youth ministry. In hindsight, I see how foolish that would have been. It’s sad to think how easily I could have missed my appointment with God and my family in Christ at this Intensive.

I’m happy to say I returned home a changed man with renewed strength. I received a lot of great teaching and personal ministry at the conference. Healthy leaders produce healthy disciples. Thankfully, Jesus forgives 7 X 70 and more (Matthew 18). This is the special kind of miracles that happen at these kinds of events. When we attend by faith and in unity, offering the sacrifices of God (Psalm 51:17- a broken spirit and a contrite heart), the Holy Spirit brings transformation, and the supernatural takes place. This is the kind of culture the intensive provided, which released the Holy Spirit in a powerful way.

I must say, the pastors leading the conference did an amazing job. They are top-notch, anointed and appointed by God. It’s important to note that they really do care about the youth and youth leaders. This is a big encouragement. I met a lot of new great brothers and sisters in Christ.

I’m excited to bring back to my youth some fresh vision and ideas for going forward to fulfill the great commission. I look forward to the next NRP youth event!

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