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Worship Encouragement- Worship Team Requirements


Requirements. Policy. Procedures. Those words sound stuffy, not personal, like you are running a business. But they are vital. Yes, the main focus of leading your worship team should be relationship. Relationship is the doorway to everything. But there has to be an order side, too. It’s the order that prevents chaos. It’s the order that can even prevent offense. There is nothing like getting into a sticky situation that could have been avoided.

Every church is different, so the requirements will be different depending on the vision and culture of your church. What are things that are important for your worship team? And why is that important? The why is almost as important as the what. We don’t want arbitrary requirements just so someone has to jump through a bunch of hoops to join our team. Each one should have a purpose that plays a part in the bigger vision of the church. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Be a Christian and a member of the church.

  • Be serving in another area and attend a small group. WHY: Worship is so much about the heart, and we want to see (1) that your heart is for serving the Lord, whether that is in front of the whole church or behind the scenes, and (2) that you are actively pursuing a deeper relationship with the Lord and connection with others in the body of Christ.

  • Observe 2-3 Sunday practices. WHY: Sunday practices move fast. Can you keep up? It’s fun, and the team gets to worship, but there is also an intensity to it because of the time constraints. 

  • Audition. (A low-pressure situation. Just a main instrument, the worship leader, and the person auditioning. You don’t want them to feel like they are auditioning for American Idol.) WHY: A relationship with Christ and the right heart are important, but so is gifting. This gives the worship leader a chance to see what talents the Lord has given someone, followed by a conversation about how they fit within the team and how to fit with the team. (Fit with the team—How your team handles people singing harmonies, for example.)

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