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Why Do It Alone?


Keith Tucci

NRP Apostolic Team Leader

When we think about Jesus, we think of His disciples. We tend to complicate how He actually got those disciples. He invited them. He reached out and gave them a clear opportunity to respond.

What did He invite them to do? Whatever He did! Follow me! He didn’t give them a job description. That would come later. He didn’t teach them ministry requirements. That also would come later. He just said, “Look, go where I go. Follow Me.” He didn’t even tell them what to do when they got there. Just “Follow Me.”

The invitation to follow, to be with, to travel the same road is the core of a discipleship relationship. For the leader, that means, why go alone? An announcement is information, and an invitation is a personal request. Often we announce things and wonder why we don’t get the desired result. Jesus didn’t say to everyone, “Follow Me.” He went where the guys were working and gave them the invitation.

Discipleship must have a DNA, not just a method or even a great vision. That DNA comes from the leader. The others get it because they are in the same room absorbing what’s happening.

As a pastor, I always traveled with someone I invited along. Maybe it was a hospital call, a visit to a distressed family, a visit to the banker, or a trip to another country. I was always inviting. If you don’t invite them, how will they go where you are going? One of the chief areas I invited them to were places that would reinforce the DNA I was attempting to reproduce. When we plan NRP get togethers, that’s how I think. Is this a life-giving opportunity to invite someone in that will reinforce the DNA of a healthy church?

So, I’m inviting you to invite someone. An invite is, “Come with me!” There are people who will respond to an invite who will never respond to an announcement. Find out who they are. Reach out. Don't deny them the opportunity to be with you.

I have a rule that goes like this–I have the liberty to ask. You have the liberty to say yes or no.

I never let those who couldn’t come stop me from inviting those who might come. Some of the best leaders I saw emerge just started with an invitation. “Follow me” is the core of discipleship. Stop thinking about all the reasons someone can’t come, and invite them.

Discipleship is predicated on inconvenience. Of course our invitation is an interruption. That’s the very thing that makes it so powerful. Beyond our own church are other leaders and pastors who need an invite from you! Go ahead and do it. Who knows what will happen?

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