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Vision In Action


Keith Pavlansky

Faith Fellowship Church, North Carolina

NRP has been an immeasurable help in creating an environment that allowed our local church to flourish. I had a chance to share some of this at the National Conference.

The seven aspects of NRP’s vision have all been fulfilled and resulted in church growth for us. NRP has never tried to force us to become a clone of other churches, but sincerely did its best to help our unique church body to be healthy and successful.

They affirm and encourage: I’ve received direct calls, texts, and emails from the leadership team, simply for the purpose of encouragement. They make the effort to do the same for our core leaders. We feel connected.

They resource us for success: Direct feedback from visiting our church, the pastoral intensives, and the conferences all provided wisdom and timely input in dealing with new challenges. We got expert help and direction.

Connect for relational partnership: I used to feel like we were on an island, all alone in our local battles. But NRP has helped us foster close covenant friendships with pastors across the country. Great men are praying for our success routinely, so our hearts are knit together despite the distance between us. Thank God for pastors who have become close friends and counselors. I’ve never felt more loyal to a group of warriors!

Assist in developing/defining vision: The vision was always uniquely ours, but NRP provided a forum to help us focus it and communicate it. I cannot say enough about how important this aid is to every church. Growth and impact are nearly impossible without a clear vision. NRP leadership is perhaps the best network in the country at facilitating this key step.

Encourage churches to multiply locally and globally: We are a small church, but we are already looking forward to planting new works.

Equip pastors in cultural engagement: You don’t need to be a mega church to begin impacting the culture. NRP helped us recognize all the areas we could begin engaging. Our tiny local body is now making a huge impact in the prolife area, Christian education, Christian business, and politics. NRP helped push us out of the nest, and we are forever grateful.

Promote generational legacy: NRP guided the hand-off in our church from my father to me. And this is not the end. My sons have been electrified by Band of Brothers and youth conferences. We now have 3 distinct generations all actively building the Kingdom and running a great relay race together.

NRP has done everything they ever promised our church. I don’t want to boast about growth and accomplishments other than to say the extraordinary fruit we’ve experienced in the last few years would have been unlikely or impossible without this network of covenant partners. The best is yet to come.

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