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THE Supreme Court by Keith Tucci

Let’s be clear; Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not serve on THE Supreme Court. That should be made abundantly clear. And that is certainly her current revelation, no matter where she is at this moment.

Oh, yes; she did serve on A Supreme Court, but not THE Supreme Court. THE Supreme Court has only one member and requires no nomination, appointment, or vote. He is Lord, King, Master, Creator, and, as Abraham said, “He is Judge of all the earth.” In our present cultural pit and accompanied political tension, it is vital that while we stay engaged in both arenas--as these affect our humanity, we also remain perfectly clear within ourselves that at the end of the day, the U.S. Supreme Court will not have the last say on anything!

We have to remain true to our calling to partner with God to “Let Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Earthly courts and governments do affect the humanity that Jesus died for. Therefore, we must, as the Church, comprehend that God is not okay with any court or government being more righteous than the Church is willing to be. To expect the Court to do what’s right, based on what is written in the Constitution, while not honoring God’s Law in His Word, is inconsistent. Remember—we are all going to plead our case before THE Judge in THE Supreme Court.

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