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Take Me In


Pastor Danny Knight

Victory Life, Louisiana

I have long been fascinated with the Tabernacle of Moses and all that its details reveal of the nature and character of our God. It's described in Exodus 25:8 as the place where God would meet with man. This year, I have also found in it an ongoing process of preparing man to meet with God.

The Outer Court is symbolic of God's dealing with our carnal or fleshly nature. With the Brazen Altar and Laver, we are encouraged to rightly RESPOND to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, receiving forgiveness and cleansing from sin (the Altar) and from self (the Laver). The Holy Spirit is faithful to convict our "flaws and faults," as Bro. Rod puts it in his book Overcoming the Flaws and Faults of the Human Nature. But we must yield to this conviction and allow the cleansing to be done.

The Inner Court is symbolic of God's dealing with us in the soulish realm. There is revelation at the Table of Showbread, illumination at the Golden Lampstand, and release through prayer and praise at the Altar of Incense. This is the place where we RECEIVE all the Lord has for us in healing, deliverance, and being set free and made whole. We respond to Jesus' question in John 5:6 "Do you want to be made well?" with a resounding "YES! I receive."

Entering the Holy of Holies, we enter the realm of the supernatural and begin to REFLECT the glory of the Lord, having rightly responded to conviction and receiving wholeness and wellness.

We live in a day where it is imperative that the church, rather than reacting to the situations around us, begins to reflect heaven's glory and God's goodness. Take us into the Holy of Holies, Lord.

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