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Pastor Jerry Cocran

Generations Church, Louisiana

With the recent celebration of Memorial Day, I sat thanking God for the great sacrifice that was paid by so many for our freedom that we enjoy today in our great nation, and asking God to comfort and encourage their families for the heroic efforts of their loved ones.

As I reflected upon these things, patriotic flames began to burn afresh in my soul and spirit as I heard the voice of God beckoning me to continue the fight for our great nation. We must stir the patriotic flames while simultaneously refocusing on our course of action. Our course of action is the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20.

We must engage the enemy in the great cultural war that is happening in our nation. We must get thoroughly up to date with the truth of the Word of God as it pertains to the many hot-button topics of our day. (Here are a few: socialism, the homosexual agenda, borders of our nation, abortion, and many others.) Once armed, we must go to the gates of Hell. We need the Church to get out of its four walls and get on the offense at town hall meetings, school board meetings, parish/county meetings, state and national legislatures. It is time to repent of the Ahab spirit that has gripped the Church and actively engage Jezebel!

It is my prayer that we hear the trumpet of God calling us to the battle. God raised up our Cyrus (i.e., Donald Trump), and now it is time for the House of God to come together to disciple this nation and the nations of the world with apostolic revival power and reformation. May the blood of past patriots not be shed in vain. Like the David of old, let's no longer run from the giant but run to him.

The future of our nation is at stake. Every soldier is needed to be actively engaged. We've prayed, fasted, and sought God. Now it's time to go to war with the Word of God (Mark 16:14-20). The Lord will go with us, confirming the Word of God. The breakthrough comes in the “going,” putting feet to our faith. See you at the gates in great victory in Jesus’ name!

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