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Preparing for What's Next


Keith Tucci

NRP Apostolic Team Leader

Christmas may be a date on the calendar and a season. It’s part of a culture, both in the world and in the church. Perhaps from a local church standpoint, preparing for what comes next is potentially the greatest part of Christmas. Christmas is about a baby born and the plan that followed. We learn what Joseph and Mary had to do to protect Jesus and then raise Him.

What if we looked at Christmas the same way...preparing for what’s next? One of the things I like about Christmas is that the new year is right on its heels. This is a fresh opportunity for us to follow up on the positive sentiments around us and in the church. To lift up our eyes and see the possibility of connecting the babe to people’s lives is beyond just a day on the calendar.

Perhaps as we plan for all the church activities, if we could stir the heart of the church to think ahead, to embrace the next step beyond celebrating a day, then this might be the best Christmas yet.

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