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Police Testimony

In July, Keith Tucci had a call with the NRP pastors. He invited Commander John “Barney” Barnes to be on the call to talk to the pastors about how they can honor the police in their community and build relationships with them. Pastor Tim Quintrell of LightHouse Church in Missouri took those ideas and ended up having an amazing opportunity to minister to the SWAT team in the area. 

From Pastor Tim: I wanted to give you some awesome news. Since our last Zoom call where Keith Tucci urged us pastors to reach out to the police departments, I approached a friend who is a sergeant in our local precinct. I gave him Chick-fil-A gift cards and told him to let me know if there was anything I could do to serve the police department, such as letting them use our building for meetings. Just two days after that, he called me and told me that the SWAT team could not do their measures outside as it was too hot. He asked if my building was available for them to use. I told him yes, but with two conditions--that he let us cook lunch for the guys and he let us lay hands on every SWAT team officer and pray for them. He agreed.

We made a feast for them for lunch and set up a beautiful place for them to eat. When they came in, they were blown away. Before we ate, they let two other local ministers and me lay hands on every single one of them and pray for them. It was awesome. Two of the guys there were atheists, and they even allowed us to pray for them. God is good!

Since then, one of the SWAT team members has reached out and planned another meeting at the church. I told them that I was sorry, but I wasn’t able to be there and cook lunch for them. They said they were actually planning on taking me out to lunch!

It matters that we love on our law enforcement!

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