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Leading in a Pandemic

Leading in a Pandemic

Pastor Frank Rondon

Iglesia Cristiana Sion, Pennsylvania 

I thought I had a pretty good idea about what our ministry calendar would look like for 2020, but then came one of the biggest disruptions we have ever experienced in our generation, and everything changed--suddenly and abruptly.

During this time of quarantine and pandemic, I have learned that disruptions are an invitation to rely/depend more on God. We all become very comfortable with strategies and systems that work for us, but God wants us to depend on Him for every move we make. I used to seek God for a long-term strategy, but now I have to seek Him for every daily move. Dependency and humbleness are my daily strategies now.

During times of disruption, our people are looking to us as leaders for direction. If they can’t see us leading the way, they will find someone else to follow, so I make sure we are constantly in front of them. Seeing me and our leadership team once a week is not enough. We have a plan that provides a schedule for leadership visibility. It includes text messages, e-mails, phone calls, social media posts, and online broadcasts.

We must be fluid. We need to adjust quickly to whatever changes come our way in order to keep our ministry moving forward. The Church has endured disruptions and has been able to adapt to changing times ever since He ascended into heaven, and we must continue to do so until He returns. So, I must be willing to change and be ready to learn the new skills that will help me lead the church.

Clarity and repetition are crucial. Disruption causes anxiety and confusion, so we must be clear as to what we are doing, why we are doing it, and where we are going. At our church, we remind our people that the pandemic has not changed what we do. We will continue to make disciples and prepare a bride for Jesus’ return. Pandemic or not, Jesus will perfect the work He began in us. The HOW can change, but the WHY and the WHAT stay the same. We are called to make disciples; we are here to prepare a bride for Jesus’ return.

The LORD used plagues to set His people free from Egypt; then in the desert, they saw the greatest miracles they had ever seen. The desert became the place that catapulted them into the Promised Land. Now this is our time!

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