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Pastor Matt Berget

Lighthouse of Hope Church, Mississippi

My wife and I attended our first NRP pastors' conference as youth pastors in 2018 in Orlando, FL. From the very first night of that conference, we can see where God’s divine hand has been leading us through all the decisions and circumstances that have led us to this very point.

From an early age, Abby and I both felt the call of ministry on our lives. We knew our God-given destiny was unraveling, and it was going to be developed through our relationship with NRP. Through several confirming events, it was made clear to us that we were to launch out in faith, taking the lead pastor role in Poplarville, MS, at Lighthouse of Hope Church. It has, and continues to be, an extraordinary journey of faith and utmost reliance on the grace of God.

The ordination and setting in service was the culmination of years of prayer, dreaming, and confirmed prophecy. That night, there was an overwhelming sense of support and unity. God showed up, and we immediately felt the weight of the anointing and the responsibility to grow our capacity to lead God’s people with love, vision, and grace.

The leadership and encouragement of NRP during this process has truly been amazing, and it’s an incredible confidence to be partnered with them. We are abundantly hopeful in what God has for our family and for Lighthouse of Hope Church. Great things have already happened, and great things are yet to come!

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