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Encouragement from Bro Rod Aguillard

ENCOURAGEMENT from Rod Aguillard, NRP Founding Father

I am sharing a brief prophetic update on the state of our nation and what the church ought to do.

The Democrats are clear in their mindset. If we, the people, do not stop them in the November election, they will bring in a socialist revolution. This is why the left is behind the Antifa and BLM violence. Their goal is to stir up enough civil unrest, along with COVID-19, to oust President Trump and usher in socialism.

If we lose the presidency and Senate to this radical left, America will go a dark age, and our children and our grandchildren lose freedoms. The loss of these freedoms will affect our ability to propagate the gospel and make disciples.

As pastors & leaders, consider these three actions to push back the deep darkness:

1. Battle in the Heavenlies: Lead a fervent United Prayer meeting with fasting, repentance, and an ear for marching orders.

2. Battle in the Streets: Go to the streets of our hot spot cities with an organized Christian group, led by Apostolic Black Leaders.

3. Vote: Strongly urge your church members to register and vote for life in November.

Pressing into the Grace of God,

Rod Aguillard

NRP Founding Father

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