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Pastor Joe Kelley

Hamptons Church, NY

Residents of Venezuela are in the midst of a great economic and social crisis, which is getting worse every day. Clean drinking water is becoming more and more scarce as the government strictly regulates distribution of water. In some cases, residents of Margarita Island only have their water turned on for a few hours every 60 days. This is forcing people to go to the rivers to get water and carry it back home, which can be miles away. As a result, there has been a rise in Hepatitis A and other diseases.

My company, Building for Him, has partnered with Pastor Orlando Molina to form Agua de Vida, which will produce purified water at a low cost to people who can pay and at no cost to those who cannot afford it. This project hopes to guarantee water to all children and the most vulnerable people in their community.

Earlier this month, with help from NRP, Agua de Vida built its first water purification plant in a church in Cabimas, and it is having a positive economic and spiritual impact in the local community. The facility has created direct and indirect jobs, improved local health conditions, and produced sustainable development for the local church.

Building for Him intends to build many Agua de Vida plants across South America to provide fresh water to those in need. We see this as meeting a vital need to build trust in order to fill a spiritual need. We are grateful to NRP and their involvement, and look forward to further partnering opportunities in the future.

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