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According to Your Ability–an Update on the Ukraine Relief

Our mission is clear. Our strategy is effective. Our challenge is great.

There is a clear model for what we are doing found in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9. The church in Jerusalem was in trouble. A famine of severe consequence had hit them. The Apostle Paul contacted all the related churches to help. He was compelling the church in Corinth to get on board.

His dramatic illustration might be lost on us, but not them. What church led the way? It was the Macedonians. They were the poor people, and their own area had been wrecked with 100 years of on-again-off-again civil war. Paul says that the Macedonians were “begging with much urging for the favor of participation in the support of the saints.”

That’s the standard we need. That’s the heart that it’s going to take. I think we are up for it!

What’s happening now is that along with their attack in the east, Russia has also resumed missile strikes in Kiev. This is highly disruptive to any ability to stabilize people’s lives. It also impacts how we help, but not if we will help.

Our teams are going deeper into conflict areas where the need is greater, which requires more planning and limits who can do it. Those who had any stockpile of supplies have now exhausted them, so more people are standing in line. The civility of those who wait in line for hours, in some cases, hoping the supply of food won’t run out before they get there, is quite an example of galvanized people.

Without hesitation or apology, I’m asking you to do all you can. We are very grateful for the generosity and trust from so many churches and individuals. I will tell you that Penny and I are all in. We have given more financially than any family. I tell you that not to boast in any way, but to let you be sure that we are leading in every way we know how.

At some point, this horrific nightmare will be over. That time is not now. There are time-sensitive challenges, and each one has a name and a face.

Here’s what you can do: 2 Corinthians 8:3 says of those Macedonians that, “according to their ability, they gave of their own accord.”

  • Make a list of friends and family, and ask them to join you.

  • Commit to a monthly gift for 6 months.

  • Use social media.

  • Ask your employer for the company to give, and invite employees to participate.

We together are going to make this current history His-Story forever!

In the Master’s Service,

Keith Tucci

NRP Team Leader

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