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A Statement on Recent Events

From: Keith Tucci- Apostolic Team Leader

and the apostolic team of the Network of Related Pastors Recent events in the political spectrum, especially the violence in Washington DC, have caused followers of Jesus Christ to give consideration to what our posture and response both verbally, and with our lives, should be to these disgraceful things. Throughout history, there have been those who misrepresented leaders they claimed to follow, honor and support. As believers, we are keenly aware of the damage that is done to the gospel when confessed believers and followers of Jesus Christ, act in ways that are inconsistent with Christian truth, values, and morality. Likewise, we see the same misrepresentation happening politically. The actions of others should never be an excuse for true followers of Christ to be any less zealous in their faith and action. If anything, it becomes a time where we shine the brightest in our convictions and lifestyle. This is such a time for the Lord’s Church, His bride. This is a time when we examine our lives and our walk with God, so that we may be a part of the answer. This is not a time of retreat in the face of obstacles and disappointments that we are currently experiencing. The present evils must not intimidate or define us. Our mission as believers has not been withdrawn from heaven. Our commission to disciple the nations and to be salt and light, still shouts loudly from the scripture. Together, we must not give one inch to evil. God is calling us to commit ourselves to truth and righteousness, as we ask him to Heal our Land.

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