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Pastor Rick Paladin

Bridge City Church, PA

Communicating a new direction, a word for the upcoming year, or a new sermon series can be daunting! It can feel overwhelming! It’s difficult to try to think of how to plan out the world takeover of Christianity, when in reality all I am trying to do is get ready for next Sunday.

We all know that once a year we should get an eye exam, and it’s that time of the year for a Vision check-up. I’m not going to tell you “what” your vision should or shouldn’t be, but instead I will share with you the three things I learned in the past year to help create a healthy vision that inspires, brings life, and unity to a church! You will be very happy to know that it’s not having a fancy catchphrase, clever acronym, or cool graphics! (See what I did there? Used 3 C’s, to be contrasted with the next 3 C’s!)

Our vision should be: Clear, Compelling, and Credible.

First of all, it should be Clear, which means it is so simplistic (not easy) that anyone can understand it and know why it's important. Second, is there a Compelling aspect that makes people say, “Yes, this makes sense. I want to be a part of this!”? Does it move people to action? And last but surely not least, is it Credible? Can it realistically be done? Do we believe it can be done? Or is this vision only for a select few, or would it take eight times the amount of people that you do have to fulfill it?

Take time to ask if your 2022 vision has these three elements. Once it does, watch the people of your church, team, and organization run faster, farther, and with more fervency than you ever thought imaginable!

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