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A Fulfilled Dream

A Fulfilled Dream

A dream was dreamt. Fervent prayers were prayed. Lots of planning and hard work. And now that dream has been fulfilled.

We are excited to announce the grand opening of Lynne’s House on May 31st.

A word from Brother Rod Aguillard

Dear Network,

Following the death of my oldest daughter, Lynne Aguillard Venus, a dream was dreamt. Stephen, my son who now pastors my home church, suggested that we start LYNNE’S HOUSE to take in single mothers and other hurting women. After ten years and generous donations totaling $20,000 from NRP churches, LYNNE’S HOUSE is finally opening its doors.

We purchased a 2-bedroom mobile home and have been renovating it. It has been a miracle make-over. We have dreams of having several of these mobile homes to enable us to rescue and restore hurting women.

The grand opening will be on May 31st! We have four women who will act as the house moms and will help rehabilitate and restore the women living in the house. We are in the process of interviewing our first two residents of LYNNE’S HOUSE. The women living in the homes will be required to have a job, attend church, receive ministry, etc. Our goal is to help them move from where they are to a place of wholeness—both physically and spiritually. Our prayer is that God would restore to them that which has been lost.

Please cover us in prayer as God raises up this ministry to rescue many hurting women. If you would like to support LYNNE’S HOUSE, either by helping provide for the monthly needs of the house or by contributing towards the purchase of more mobile homes, you can give on our NRP website.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook as we will be posting pictures of the house after the grand opening.

Rejoicing in a dream come true,

Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer and Lynne’s Daddy

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