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November Update

Dear Network, In October of 2016, God spoke to me that Hillary Clinton would not be the next President of the United States. She was a deep state globalist and it was not time for a global takeover! Rather, it was God’s time for the Third Great Awakening and the Harvest of the Ages. It was God’s time for God’s Glory to be seen upon His people! Recently, I had my Fifth Glory Vision on October 19, 2017: “I was on a passenger train with a large group of rough and rugged men. They almost intimidated me. Then the presence and pleasure of God fell on them. As hands were laid, the proud men fell under the power of God and they were delivered. Some were laid out laughing in the joy of the Lord.” He is ready to visit the church with His manifest presence, pleasure and power. But He must be inquired of to do it! For several years, I have encouraged pastors to start a United Prayer Movement in their local church with an emphasis on repentance, revival and reformation. He is only coming in power to those churches that are crying out for it! Cry out with me “Let the glory fall! Rend the Heavens. Lord, cause our nation to tremble at Your name!” Rejoicing in His Glory, Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer


November 12 Victory Church | Lockport, Louisiana Pastors Danny & Carol Knight | Refreshing November 15-20 Christian Fellowship Church | Harlingen, Texas Pastors Barry & Susan Jackson | Refreshing

Please pray for Marvelous Mary and I. Pray for our strength and for the anointing to bring healing to the hurting, hope to the hopeless, and deliverance to the captive. Thank you!

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