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October Update

Dear Network,

I have done my best not to get in the heat of the NFL controversy. Rather than slam anyone, I will briefly share a heart-felt testimony of honor.

God is the fountain head of all honor! Honor means to value or to hold someone or something in high esteem. After I got born again in 1968, I attended a football game. I wept as they played the National Anthem and raised the flag. I wept in appreciation for my heritage and my blood-bought freedom. Even now, my heart is moved when I see stadiums honor the flag as someone sings our National Anthem.

The present political correctness of the NFL leadership, owners, and coaches reminds me of our desperate need for the Third Great Awakening. In the Day of His power, the hearts of the multitudes will be transformed and our nation will be restored to the moral values that made her great. Please join me in a United Prayer Movement for a holiness revival and the healing of our land in Jesus’ name.

Rejoicing in the Day of His Power,

Bro Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer


October 1 River of Life Church | Watervielt, Michigan Pastors Doral & Linda Jackson | Refreshing October 6-7 Whole Life Church | Sturgis, Michigan Pastors Chuck & Kim Vizthum | Band of Brothers October 8 Living Stones Church | Crown Point, Indiana Pastors Ron & Marion Johnson | Refreshing October 13-15 The Way Church | Woodlands, Texas Pastors Matt & Tammy Woodfill | Encounter & Refreshing October 27-29 Legacy Church | Charleston, South Carolina Pastors Kevin & Tracie Barid | Refreshing Please cover Mary and I in prayer. Prayer for our strength and safety as we travel. Prayer for the Word of the Lord. Prayer of the anointing to flow through us to encourage, to heal, and to set the captives free. Thank you!

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