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Sundays are the most visible thing we do. Here are a few things that Pastor Mike Frie from Metro Harvest in Wisconsin has found helpful: Be Relevant: pass the “who cares” test Be Authentic: don’t be fake or phony Be Filled: let God fill you with His power Reality Check: don’t make people overcome church to get to God The service experience starts before the service starts: Everything has a “voice” and says something about what you value. Own the environment. Don’t begin with a deficit. Filter what you do through the eyes of an uninitiated person: Once a month, orient people to what’s happening in the service. Share “what to expect.” Trust is built when people are valued—you cannot save souls in an empty church. Create a “moment” each weekend that’s a wow: A video, a Scripture, a testimony. Give something away. Exceed their expectations. If you can’t do amazing, just do excellent.

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