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April Update

Dear Pastors,

The NRP Women’s Conference, hosted by New Jerusalem in Slidell, was impacting and life changing. The theme was Restore and God used every speaker to share the power and process of being restored and conformed to His image. There was a impartation of His anointing that brought deep emotional healing in almost everyone that attended.

During the NRP National Conference, I shared a vision of the night that birthed the message, “Contending for His Glory!” Listed are truths from that message for your reflection:

1. Prophetic Warning: We are living in a critical time for the survival and freedom of our nation. The heathen are raging and hell is in an uproar in regards to the national landscape of political change with the election of Trump/Pence.

2. We must pray, press, and push back the liberal progressive darkness and release unity in Congress for godly change! Justice for the unborn and moral sanity.

3. It is God’s season for His Glory, that is, the Third Great Awakening and the Harvest of the Ages. Not Global takeover!

4. He must be inquired of to come in awesome power and irresistible holiness.

5. Finally, He is coming to the Revival hungry Churches! Those who are in United prayer and in free worship. Churches where the ministry of the Holy Spirit is honored and pursued.

Let’s Do It!

Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer

April Travel Schedule

April 2nd

World Prayer Tabernacle – North Campus

Covington, Louisiana

Pastors Carl & Dawn Catalanotto

The setting in of the new lead pastors: David & Lori Lukinovich

April 16th

LifeHouse Church

Reserve, Louisiana

Pastors Stephen & Laura Aguillard

Resurrection Celebration

April 21-23rd

The River Community Church

Pastors Steve & Joan Crombie

Faribault, Minnesota


April 29th

The ONE Regional United Prayer

Hammond, Louisiana

Contact Michelle Braud at for more


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