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March Update

Dear Pastors,

At the NRP National Conference I gave a prophetic warning. The election of Trump/Pence was a gift from God because the body desperately cried out knowing that Hillary would finish destroying America as we have known it. However, it is not time to lay back and go back to church as usual. We are dealing with a deeply entrenched enemy that controls most of the media, the National Democratic Party and some of the Republican establishment (men like John McCain and Lindsey Graham). As a whole, the nations of the world are in an Anti-Christ rebellion and the presidential election has fueled the rage.

As pastors, we must lead the remnant in a continual prayer movement of Repentance, Revival and Reformation. This would make a good sermon series to activate your body to confront this raging Anti-Christ movement in our nation.

A great three-part series:

Repentance from dead works. Repentance from apathy, materialism and the cares of this life. Returning to our first love and giving Him implicit obedience.

Revival: A fervent prayer movement to see His glory. To see His manifest presence, pleasure and power. To see the Third Great Awakening and the Harvest of the Ages.

Reformation: Encouraging activism in the marketplace, in the streets, in local government, and in the halls of congress.

I do believe that the Lord is calling for us to give the body pastoral and prophetic leadership that will give the body vision for repentance, revival and reformation.


Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer

March Travel Schedule

March 9-13th

Friends of Faith

Missions work in Pubelo, Mexico

Apostle Denzil & Rebecca Hood

Leadership Summit & Refreshing

March 19th

LifeHouse Church

Reserve, Louisiana

Pastors Stephen & Laura Aguillard


March 26th

Destiny Fellowship

Biloxi, Mississippi

Pastors Chris & Patti McCall


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