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Destination Commitment

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Jesus had more than a ministry--He had a plan. If great preaching and dynamic worship services would be the "thing" that, by themselves, caused church growth, chances are that your church would be a lot larger.

Let's be real--Jesus was a better preacher than any of us! Yet, He did not rely on His public ministry to reach His vision of sustained generational multiplication! He used His preaching to reveal, declare, and challenge. Yet, even after great services, He walked away unsatisfied because the crowd was like sheep without a shepherd. (Matthew 9)

Jesus' plan was to train a small band of men to do what He did--to lay down their lives, to risk their reputations, and to be unapologetic about being on a mission from God. He also trained them how to pray and preach. He trained them on how to be part of a team. He trained them how to cast out devils and to lay hands on the sick. He trained them on how to follow the Father, even if it meant death.

Jesus had a great ministry, but he also had a clear plan. He was not content with great meetings. If we say Jesus is the model, then we should fall in line with His example. Great services are important, but a clear vision and process to that vision is what is essential.

Recently, while driving home from a trip, I took a little different route. It occurred to me that, no matter the route, the destination was not negotiable--I was going home. Car trouble may delay me, but I would get home. Wrong turns, bad weather, no guarantee against them, but I'm going home.

The destination has to be clear. No matter how great the driving experience is, I would not be content just to drive in circles. I think we often reach the point in ministry where we feel that we are doomed to be dictated by circumstances--good or bad and simply end up going in circles-- pleasant or unpleasant. If you're tired of driving in circles, it's time to be committed to a destination and a route that will get you there.

Because you have a viable ministry, it's incumbent upon you to be extremely clear about where you are going, how you are going to get there and who you want to take with you. Think about those things as you plan this next year in regard to what you are preaching and teaching.

In the Master's service,

Keith Tucci

NRP Apostolic Team Leader

You can follow Pastor Keith at

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