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October Update

Dear Pastor, I am writing as I take a deep breath from an intense six weeks of flood recovery. FEMA didn’t help the uninsured flood victims very much. They make up about eighty percent of the homes and businesses and churches that were devastated. But God! Individuals, churches, and church networks became the helping and giving hand. It is time, we wean ourselves from government handouts and trust God for provision. Again, as NRP churches, we did our share in giving help and hope. Laboring crews from the south and the north were first responders. Even now, in the skilled rebuild, a crew from Pastor Ron Johnson’s church is hanging sheetrock in the two homes of Dorothy Wallace. One of which is for pregnant mothers in crisis. Dorothy Wallace owns a pregnancy care clinic that has rescued over eighty thousand babies in her thirty years of service. Rejoicing! Again, the NRP churches generously gave over $100,000 to buy building supplies and replace lost personal contents. I am so grateful for your sacrificial giving. As we have helped through this financial aid, the flood victims have wept and given God thanksgiving. May their thanksgiving release God’s favor to multiply your finances. I love all of you, Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

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