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Our Nation and the Church

The following is a prophetic picture of our nation and what the church ought to do! The Fall of the Nation 1973 – 2016 1. A sleeping church full of materialism and apathy. The cares of this life choked God’s word and anointing. While we slept, evil took over. 2. 1973 Roe V. Wade – A would be mother can terminate the unborn child in her womb. Since this infamous decree, over 57,000,000 unborn children have been murdered in the wombs of would be mothers. 3. June 2015 – Moral perversion: Same-sex marriage the law of the land. This perversion is federally promoted and protected. Sexual freedom trumps religious freedom. The Progressive Liberal or Globalist Take Over 1973-2016 1. The National debt is over nineteen trillion dollars. The strategy of the power brokers is to destroy the value of the dollar and our economy. 2. The total weakening of America’s military power. We are no longer recognized as a super power for World Peace! 3. No southern border. Further loss of our national sovereignty: part of the strategy of a Globalist take over!

4. Racial division and violence fueled by the Executive Branch and the Federal Justice Department. The resulting chaos and confusion justifies more Federal takeover and the possibility of a Federal Police State. 5. There is an ongoing attempt for a national gun registry; the first step in confiscating guns and disarming the population. Preparing our mindset for a global take over! Good News- It is not God’s time for a Globalist Take Over.

2016 until His Return. A Rhema Word: “These words spoke Jesus in the treasury, as he taught in the temple: and no man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.” John 8:20. I read this scripture a few weeks ago, that it was not time for the Lord’s crucifixion and resurrection. From this, I heard it’s not God’s time for the Globalist Takeover. God rules, He is the master of the universe. He controls the times and the seasons. It is God’s time for a United Prayer Movement which will birth a Third Great Awakening which will result in the Harvest of the Ages! Pastors, lead your church in a fervent united prayer movement. Stay there, until God comes in awesome power and irresistible holiness. And the multitudes will come to the rising of His Glory! Rejoicing in His Faithfulness, Rod Aguillard NRP Overseer

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