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Write Your Vision

March 22, 2016, I emailed you a letter of encouragement and asked you to email me your vision. The scripture exhorts you to write your vision on a tablet so your people can read it and run with it. Your congregation needs to know where the bus is going and they need to hear it often. In regards to the success of a local church in reaching a lost and suffering generation, Mark Batterson shared that it took him five years to grow from 19 to 250. He listed seven lessons that he earned to give pastors hope:

Seven Lessons He Learned:

1. The longer you wait for church growth, the more you appreciate it.

2. Most spiritual thing I can do right now…just hang in there.

3. Divine delays build emotional and spiritual endurance.

4. Don’t complain about your circumstances, make the most of them.

5. Don’t lose your sense of humor…don’t lose joy…those who are healthy and holy laugh alot.

6. Don’t live in fear…stay in faith…submit to God. Grace for the day.

7. Help me Lord to enjoy the journey.

I trust these lessons of wisdom will help you. You and yours are in my often prayers.

Rejoicing and Expecting, Rod Aguillard NRP Overseer

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