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Leadership in Context Episode 165 Show Notes


Lessons Learned, pt5

Leadership in Context with Keith Tucci

Episode 165

Lesson #1: Anger is a manifestation of selfishness.

Lesson #2: Slow down.

Lesson #3: Become a listener.

Lesson #4: Be a giver.

Lesson #5: Always be submitted.

Can you look in the mirror and honestly say to yourself that you are submitted to someone? Submission is not total obedience. Submission is total consideration, in the context of human submission. (Submission to the Lord IS total obedience.) Do you have someone in your life who can say something to you, and when they do, you will give what they say extra weight and consideration?

One of the ways you know you are submitted to someone is that that person has crossed you and you still love them and maybe even more.

Have you really been sharpened? Has your edge really been filed? Or when your edge has been filed, do you turn around and run because that person has offended you?

People who say they are submitted but never have been offended are people who are intellectually submitted, but are not in real relational submission. The greatest friends I have in my life are people who have challenged me, challenged my motives, people who have looked over my shoulder because they are cheering for me and really believe in me. I used to tell my kids all the time: The mark of maturity is when you know who your friends are, who means well for you, and you know who the people are in your life who don’t necessarily mean well for you.

As a pastor, when I would sit down with someone when I saw something that was off in their life, I was willing to risk something for that relationship. I would start with this: “I don’t have anything to gain by this. I don’t have any agenda or motive. I really believe in you. I really believe that God has His hand on you. I believe God wants to help you in your life. I pray that you please hear me…” More often than not, they really heard me. What I was saying to them was true. That is what submission looks like.

I thank God that there have been people in my life who have been willing to love me with truth which saved me a lot of pain. I do get upset sometimes when I look back and wish someone had spoken into past situations. That doesn’t mean I would have enjoyed their input in the situation. The hair on the back of my neck stands up just as easily as yours does. Of course, maybe I didn’t seem to be in a learning mode or open, and that was true, but that does not lessen your responsibility to a real friend.

One of the common traits of unsubmitted people is that their vision is not bigger than they are, so everything rotates around their feathers being ruffled. One of the marks of a submissive person is they understand that God is molding them into something bigger than themselves, and He is going to have to fit them into place. The Bible says that God has placed, fitted, grooved, notched every member in the Body as it pleases Him. That means that God has some filing and sanding to do on us. He is going to use the pieces around us to make that happen.

Have you said to someone in faith, “I am submitted to you”? I have a team of men around me that I am submitted to. I have asked them to please help me, please do not hold back, please give me the last 10%.

If there is no one that you think you can submit to, you have a severe case of self-righteousness on your hands. Don’t think that you are better than everyone and that no one can speak into your life. Self-righteousness will always dress itself up by pointing out the flaws in other people which will cause you to forget what the Lord has redeemed you from.

Do not run away from accountability. Do not run away from submission. Always be submitted. Tell someone that they have liberty to speak into your life.

Join us next week as Keith Tucci continues to put leadership truth in the context of the local church. And as always, please like, share, rate/review, and invite others to listen. See you next week!

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