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Father God, not Mother Earth


Father God, not Mother Earth

Leadership in Context with Keith Tucci

Episode 184

God has made us to rule over His creation, to subdue the earth, and to fill the earth. (Genesis 1:27-28) The earth is still vastly empty. We are only using 2% of the world’s land to feed the whole world. That number gets less as the population grows because of technology, refrigeration, shipping, and other scientific advancements. Produce is more affordable. The science of it is more workable. We are able to produce much more with less effort in a more scientific way than ever before. That is the power of technology. If you have more people, then you come up with more technology.

People are not the problem. The radical environmentalist's bottom line is population control. There is a war going on with hundreds of thousands of innocent people being slaughtered in Ukraine, and we are feeding that war machine. We are buying oil from Russia because we won’t drill our own oil for fear that we might contaminate the earth in some way.

This generation of young people have bought the lie that the world’s climate is in danger. Yes, the climate is probably changing, but it is always changing. We only have about 120 years of real viable, documented climate records. We can see that in 120 years, there have been spikes and ebbs. If you went back about 25 years ago, the greatest warning on the cover of Time Magazine is that the ice age was coming and the planet was cooling. We can’t understand the cycles in the earth because we don’t have a record long enough to know what the cycles are.

We know from exploration and understanding fossils that there are places all around the earth that used to be warmer than they are now and places that used to be colder than they are now. We don’t know when or how that happened. Just as each year has four seasons, those seasons can change cyclically. We might have five years where we don’t have a harsh winter. We might have five years where we have heavy rains or no rain. A few years ago, we had a lot of hard rain. They called it the “hundred-year rain.” It had been a hundred years since that much rain had been measured. If the records went back only 90 years, they would have said it had never rained like that before. But they had 120 years of records, so they could accurately say that it hadn’t rained like that in 100 years.

We don’t have enough data to know what the climate is doing. We have enough data and science to know that the climate of the earth does change somewhat. There is no proof that anything man does is affecting the climate. Man’s impact on the climate is all theory.

There is no proof that anything that man is doing is impacting the temperature. There are theories. One or several of those theories might even be right, but we don’t know that; we can’t prove that. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t be good stewards; be reasonable, and take care of the planet. But it is a planet, not a person. It is dirt. It is earth.

Most of the world’s pollution is coming from third world countries. We are putting 90% of the efforts into industrialized nations, and it’s only having a 10% impact. If we put 10% of that effort into third world countries, we would have a 90% impact. We are doing it the exact opposite as it should be.

This is so critical right now. We are literally bowing to the environmentalists in saying that lives (not only the Ukrainians’ lives, but those in the next country that Russia will conquer over oil) are not worth more than the earth. God has put a lot of oil in the earth. I believe He can give us the technology to harvest it in a great and responsible way. People are more important. We have to be unapologetic about this. Most of what is being done right now is based on theory and fear, not science.

On God’s green earth there is enough room for more people. He has put enough natural resources in the earth to sustain us. He told us to fill it, subdue it, rule over it, and multiply in it. Not so we can just have the great American dream, but so that we can preach the gospel. Look at the earth from God’s perspective. God created the earth for man, not man for the earth. We should not be bowing to Mother Earth; we should be praising Father God.

Join us next week as Keith Tucci continues to put leadership truth in the context of the local church. And as always, please like, share, rate/review, and invite others to listen. See you next week!

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