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Monthly Prayer Focus--January

Our nation is deeply divided and is in a domestic war. The focus of the war in America is not the wall that Trump wants to build, it is not wicked Obamacare, and it is not illegal immigration. The focus of the war is abortion. Blood-thirsty demons are raging against President Trump’s appointments of pro-life leaning Supreme Court judges. He may even get to appoint more before his tenure is completed. Therefore, we must overcome the principalities and powers through fervent united prophetic decrees.

Let us release justice in the high places of authority:

Father, in Jesus’ name, “Break the back of the wicked and empower the godly!” Psalm 75:10

Most of the medical world agrees that life begins at conception. Therefore, to abort is to kill a human life. Murder is evil!

We agree and decree: “…O Lord, take away those who do evil!” Psalm 125:9. Take away the abortionists and the abortion supporters.

Pray for protection for President Trump as he appoints pro-life judgesbecause the mainstream media, Democratic National Committee, and Hollywood’s hate is raging.

…if the Lord had not been on his side …they would have swallowed him alive in their burning anger!” Psalm 124:2-3. Father, in Jesus’ name, the blood of Jesus covers and protects President Trump and Vice President Pence. You are exposing the evil of hate and removing the evil!

Praying with you, Bro. Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

January Itinerary

January 04-06

Faith Fellowship in North Carolina

Pastors Keith & Michelle Pavlansky

January 12-13

Bethany Church in Louisiana

Pastors Harry & Pam Lilly

January 19-20

Gateway Church in Louisiana

Pastors Barry & Tammi Brister

January 26-27

Rock Church in Louisiana

Pastors Rocky & Jodi Bezet

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