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Monthly Prayer Focus--December

United Prayer for Revival and Survival

As a nation and as a church body, we are in a war. It is not a cultural war. It is not a political war. It is a war between darkness and light, between Christ and Anti-Christ! We have moved into the Conflict of the Ages! Let’s agree to win the war with the Word of God, the blood of Jesus, and fervent United Prayer!

The central issue of this war: “Evil people don’t understand justice…” Proverbs 28:5. The lovers of abortion and Planned Parenthood are demonically deceived. They do not understand justice for the unborn. But we do!

PRAY: Father, in Jesus name we release justice for the unborn, abortion down and life for the unborn in!

The powers of darkness are controlling the seven gates of authority in our nation. But the Lord says, “I will destroy those who are fat and powerful. I will feed them, yes...feed them justice.” Ezekiel 34:16

Only a visitation from heaven can change the demonic mindset controlling the mainstream media, the Deep State, and the Democratic National Convention.

PRAY: Father, in Jesus name, pour out Your Spirit upon our nation. Let the heavy weight of Your presence fill every gate of authority--from Congress and the White House, to the Judicial System and the mainstream media!

Praying with you, Bro. Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

December Itinerary

December 01-02 Rio Central in Tennessee Bishop Ronnie & Jean Hepperly December 07-09 Faith Fellowship Church in North Carolina Pastors Keith & Michelle Pavlansky December 23 LifeHouse Church in Louisiana Pastors Stephen & Laura Aguillard December 30 Christian Church Fellowship in Texas Pastors Barry & Susan Jackson

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