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An Exciting Announcement

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

I believe the local church is God’s plan. It’s His “plan A,” and there is no “plan B.” I’ve been in the trenches in the local church for almost 40 years. I’ve pioneered, pastored, established, gave oversight, trained, and have been a faithful member. I realize there are a lot of leadership principles, philosophies, and even models out there. But trying to apply these to a local church that is less than 2,000 members is often very difficult.

I love the local church. I love its leaders. My heart is to come alongside leaders and give them practical, Biblical principles that they can easy apply to produce health and growth in their local church. On September 10th, I’m launching my weekly podcast LEADERSHIP IN CONTEXT. Who I want to talk to is the man, the woman, the team that is out there in the local church setting, believing God for increase and effect in their community.

Matthew 16:18 says, “…I will build My church…” The word “My” in that Scripture is the most descriptive term used in the New Testament to describe the church. It is His church, and we are all privileged to be a part of it; we are even called co-laborers.

In this podcast, I will discuss leadership nuggets, strategies, and theologies. I’m not going to just give you some philosophies. I’m not even going to recommend a certain model. I’m going to be sharing with you things I’ve walked out, things I’ve learned not to do, things that are worth doing the right way, things that are worth considering, and even some things that are not worth considering. These leadership truths will not just be things that I have experienced under my own leadership style, but things I have walked through and experienced with many pastors around the country.

No matter the size or shape of your local church, I believe the things I’ll be sharing with you will be beneficial and applicable. The goal is not to give you information that won’t work for your setting, but to help you be able to see these principles from a Biblical understanding and practical application.

We are going to be talking about leadership in context—the context of your local church, your community, your leadership team, the financial realities, leadership challenges. All the dynamics that go into producing and a growing, healthy church.

I want to invite you to join each week. In episode 1, I’m starting a 3-part series on The Art of the Meeting. One of the questions we asked in a recent survey of our network churches was: Are there any practices that you used to do that are now neglected or not being done that need to be reinstated? The overwhelming answer: meeting with leadership groups. In this episode, I discuss how regular leadership meetings make you accountable for the vision and process to move forward, keep you from being swallowed up by problems and “problem people,” and help you accurately assess the health and ability of your team.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you every week and seeing the fruit that comes from you applying these truths in your local church. Talk to you Monday!

Launching September 10: LEADERSHIP IN CONTEXT, a podcast with Keith Tucci Every Monday a new episode will be posted. Available on most podcast platforms and on NRP's blog. Make sure you follow NRP's Facebook page HERE so you don't miss the launch of LEADERSHIP IN CONTEXT.

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