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May Prayer Focus

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

A Prayer for our Nation:

“Bend down, Lord, and answer us, for we need Your help…be merciful to us, O Lord, for we are constantly calling on You…Teach us Your ways that we may live according to Your truth!” Psalm 86:1,3,11. Truth in, lies out. Life in, abortion out! A Prophetic Decree for POTUS: “

…the lives of his enemies will disappear like stones shot from a sling!” I Samuel 25:29. The deeply entrenched state government desires POTUS impeached or dead! This includes the Mueller Team, the establishment and the main stream media. Father, in Jesus’ Name, remove this evil! The Hope of a United and Free America:

“…restore us again, O God of our salvation…” Psalm 85:4 Restore our moral values that made us great “Won’t You revive us again?” Psalm 85:6. Let Your joy, pleasure and power fall on us! Then we will be great again!!

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