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August Update

Dear Network,

There is a deep darkness that is covering our nation. The lion has come out of his thicket to divide our nation and destroy the office of the President of the United States. This is not a political war; this is a war between Christ and Anti-Christ. The ultimate goal of the progressive liberals and globalists is to shut the mouth of the remnant church and to eliminate our moral values that made America great!

Prayer elected President Trump. God chose Jehu to take down a Jezebel! When he was elected, I gave a prophetic warning: “We have simply made a beach head. Now the real fight for freedom and survival is ahead of us. We are facing a deeply entrenched, demonic enemy!”

I believe our priority in the Kingdom is not only to be the light of the world for a great harvest of souls, but to be the salt of the earth and to stop the corruption and evil of the progressive liberals! Please start a fervent united prayer movement in your local church to release prophetic decrees against God’s enemies and to cry out for an open Heaven!

I love you and yours,

Bro Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer


August 6 Hinston Tabernacle | Hinston, Louisiana Pastors Jeff & Rhonda Scroggins | Refreshing

August 14-22 Cuba Mission's Outreach August 26-27 LightHouse Church | Blue Springs, Missouri Pastors Tim & Dawn Quintrell | Refreshing

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