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June Update

Dear Network, Recently I shared that we are living in the darkest times of American History. Our nation is deeply divided and the heathen are raging against the office of the President. The Good News is the Holy Spirit is speaking through the prophets with a call for repentance and united prayer which will birth Revival and Reformation. At our recent Southern NRP Regional Meeting, the Apostolic Team imparted vision for Repentance, Revival and Reformation: Repentance—taking the ashes outside the camp. Take out the ashes of materialism, the cares of this life, and the distractions of the world system that are choking the word of God. Take out the ashes of sensuality. Hollywood and the media are seducing the minds of most of the church world. Revival: We are in the season of Revival Glory. The prophet said when deep darkness covers the nations, that the Glory of God would come upon His people (Isaiah 60:1-2). It’s God’s time for the Third Great Awakening, but He must be inquired of to do it! Reformation: In the power of His presence, we must engage the culture. For our nation to survive, we must take back the gates of media, the gates of entertainment, the gates of education, the gates of government, the gates of business, the gates of family, and the gates of religion. Join the Apostolic Team in Repentance, Revival and Reformation. Rejoicing, Rod Aguillard NRP Senior Overseer

June Itinerary

June 4th

The Rock Church | Zachary, Louisiana Pastors Rock & Jodi Bezet | Refreshing June 11th LifeHouse Church | Reserve, Louisiana Pastors Stephen & Laura Aguillard | Refreshing June 23-25 Liberty Church | Arab, Alabama Pastors Kieth & Kelli Hodges | Marriage Encounter & Refreshing

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