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A Great Harvest

Dear Pastors, We started recovery and rebuild of flooded churches and homes in South Louisiana on Monday, August 15th. Sixteen days of hard labor, sweat, tears and joy happened. Marvelous Mary and I are fervently involved, facilitating work crews and doing the work. We have learned to suffer with those who suffer and to bring hope and help. What a privilege and a joy! I have been sending you flood recovery updates. Just a few more comments: Our of state crews are beginning to flood in from Texas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee and regions in Louisiana above the flood zone. The power of connection is amazing. Secondly, the NRP churches and other individuals are sending flood relief money. As of today, we have received $62,000. My goal was $60,000. But now my goal is $100,000. We need to buy building supplies for local churches and individuals. This recovery will last for months. Thirdly, God controls the flood waters. He has marked Louisiana for a great outpouring of His Spirit. I believe this event has united us and compelled us to go to our knees and cry-out with fervent prayers of repentance. In doing so, God is coming to restore us, to revive us, and to birth a great Harvest. I love all of you, Rod Aguillard

NRP Senior Overseer

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