homepage.fw Dear Pastor, We are a team of fathers endeavoring to equip each local pastor with all the tools necessary to be a success. At the core of NRP is covenant relational thinking with a pursuit to protect and aid the pastor. Our desire is to compliment and enhance your vision, provide you with moral and ethical accountability through relationship, and to walk with you through the joys as well as the storms of life and ministry.  
Rejoicing in His Purposes, rod_sig
NRP is endeavoring to grow healthy church by the following:
  •  Provide fathering and spiritual oversight for the Lead Pastor and family
  • Give assistance to enhance the vision of the house and provide impact training for Lead Pastor and Leadership Team
  • Network and help finance church planting across North America and regions beyond
  • Raise up a prophetic generation of sons and daughters who will engage our culture
  • Resource pastors for success
  • Connect for relational partnership and oversight
  • Help raise up a multi-generational church