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Your Soul Needs Care


Pastor Rick Paladin

Bridge City Church, Pennsylvania

If I hear the terms “pivot,” “new normal,” or “unprecedented” one more time, I may burst! It seems all we have done over the past 10 months is change, adapt, transition, and make adjustments! What we have underestimated is the amount of wear and tear that has taken place on our soul!

Ministry has its fair share of disappointments, times we are drained and disillusioned, all of which result in having doubt--doubt in ourselves and doubt in God. I find myself trying to get stronger in my spirit, to press through and just keep going, when in reality I need to care for my soul. Pastors are some of the worst people on the planet at caring for their soul. In reality, this is where we store rejection, abandonment, and hurt, just to name a few. How do we process all that is happening to us and inside of us?

One of my biggest lessons from 2020 is my need to identify what I am really dealing with inside of me--things like disappointment, being drained/dried out, or disillusionment. Why identify these? So I can take responsibility for what is happening in my soul and receive the help and healing needed. I am really good at blaming others--Covid, “the church,” finances, and situations in general, when in reality the root problem is in my mind and emotions.

We all need to make sure our devotion time is crisp and clear, but we also need others to pastor us, so our soul isn’t overriding our spirit! Just maybe there are things going on inside of us that white-knuckling, praying harder, and being more spiritual won’t solve. Even pastors need to be pastored! It has helped me so much to share my heart aches and breaks in order to receive true pastoral care. How do I know if I have a pastor? When I am receiving godly perspective, encouragement, being challenged, and getting clear next steps to take!

In the trying times in which we live, we need to care for ourselves more than ever! Caring for my soul has helped me filter out all the extras and has brought me to a place of being healthier than ever! So, what are you waiting for? Make the phone call and set up some time for you and your spouse to be pastored!

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