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Worship Encouragement- Praise In the Storms

PRAISE IN THE STORMS By Tony Crombie, worship leader at The River Church in Minnesota  The other night we had a tornado warning go off, and I had to wake up all my kids and take them to our basement. The sirens were going off, and my daughter was crying. Usually, I’ll sing to her at bedtime, and since she was scared, I grabbed my guitar and began to sing to her. This brought a peace into the room as we waited out the storm. As I reflected on that, I thought, “That was such a sweet moment, but it also seemed so cliché.” We were praising the Lord in the storm. (You are welcome, as now you have a million of applicable worship songs going through your head!) I began to think about how sometimes when we are in a storm, we start praising Him because we want the storm to be over. However, Jesus Himself said that trouble, aka storms, will come and we should be praising God because He is worthy. Circumstances will come and go, but God is worthy to be praised through it all! Timothy visited the Thessalonians in 1 Thessalonians 3 to “Strengthen them and encourage them in their faith and to keep them from being shaken.” The Thessalonians were in a storm, and they were being persecuted. Paul sent Timothy. Timothy’s name means “honoring God” or “to honor God.”  When we face the storms of life, or any other circumstance, we need a heart like Timothy. A heart to honor God. If we honor the Lord in the midst of our circumstances—good, bad, or ugly—we’ll find strength, our faith will be encouraged, and we will be kept from being shaken.

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