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Worship Encouragement- Practically Praising In the Storms


By Tony Crombie, worship leader at The River Church in Minnesota 

What does our “storm song arsenal” look like? Do you know what songs you would go to in tragedy? In dire situations? To bring comfort, stir faith, keep perspective? Everyone at school knows where to go in case of an emergency because there are drills. Fire drills. Tornado drills. Hurricane drills. Even active shooter drills. Take your worship team through a Spiritual Storm Drill. Do they know where to go and what to do? Even more practical—What if the sound system stops working? Or your gear malfunctions? Or you’re asked to lead a song unprepared at a prayer meeting somewhere? Are you ready? The question isn’t, “Will storms come?” It is, “WHEN will storms come?” Let’s prepare our hearts, our team for those storms so that we can continue praising the King of kings and the Lord of lords in the midst of our circumstance.

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